Once Upon the Realms

Session I

A slow start

It was the 25th of Eleint, the ninth month of the calendar. The sky was clouded, with occasional rain. The lanky Amnish wizard, Argaroth, had finally managed to cross the Cloud Peak Mountains, hiking with a trade caravan. Now, he left the borders of his homeland behind. Thrown out from the academy in Athkatla, he came walking up the Coast Way with quarterstaff in hand, in grey robes, seeking a place to rest his weary legs.

Soon enough, the rose-red towers of the temple of Lathander appeared before him, as did the farmlands surrounding the small town of Beregost. To the east, he saw ruins on a hill; to the west, forested areas, from which a cool breeze from the Sea of Swords sang. Entering the town, he first visited the temple, where he spoke to the town’s mayor and high priest, Kelddath Ormlyr. Then, he went and found the only tavern in town, The Burning Wizard.

At the Burning Wizard, he met a dwarven cleric of Moradin, the red-bearded Eldgrim. At the tavern, they became acquainted. Neither dwarf nor wizard were in a particular rush, and so they spent the day dicing with the innkeeper, a retired adventurer with a limp and a missing eye and a fierce black beard. Later that day, four pilgrims devoted to the Earth Mother, Chauntea, appeared and were treated to a cup of drink at Argaroth’s expense. They spoke of going to the Harvest House in Daggerford, hiring the local wizard Thalantyr of High Hedge to transport them to Daggerford in time for the day of High Harvest, on the 31st of Eleint.

Toward evening, the tavern became more crowded as the caravan master Belendithas arrived with his three servant children and four men-at-arms. Neither dwarf nor wizard showed any interest in this traveler. While Argaroth spent the following night in one of the cramped sleeping chambers of the Burning Wizard, Eldgrim was granted a bed in the temple of Lathander (the caravan master’s arrival meant that all of a sudden, there were no more available rooms).

The next day, the 26th of Eleint, the chiming bells of Lathander’s temple woke Eldgrim. On Keldath Ormlyr’s insistence he joined in morning mass before going back to the Burning Wizard. Runner boys went to Feldstop’s Inn to pick up breakfast for them. They decided to spend the day in quiet Beregost. Eldgrim had been told by Keldath Ormlyr that ‘the greatest smith of all Faerûn’ lived right here in Beregost, and so he decided to go visit this man. Before going, Eldgrim blessed the innkeep and his inn.

At the Thunderhammer’s Smithy, he asked to help out with the day’s tasks, and so spent the day working the forge, helping with the making of a suit of plate armor for some unnamed gentleman up in Baldur’s Gate. Meanwhile, Argaroth spent the day frolicking about town, entertaining the local children with his cantrips. They met again for dinner at the Burning Wizard – errand boys running down to Feldstop’s Inn to pick up “today’s surprise” – and ate while the innkeeper told them there was a party at the Jovial Juggler that night. They decided to check it out.

At the Jovial Juggler, the taproom was already crowded when they arrived. Among the guests were a troubadour stringing his lute, a dark-cloaked man in a dark hat smoking a pipe, resting his elbows rather nonchalantly on the bar, and many local youngsters, farmers, and other citizens of Beregost. The large-eared innkeeper had to ask Eldgrim to keep his voice down (getting drunk, the dwarf began to sing in the dwarven tongue, resulting in an awkward moment when all eyes were on him), and most of the Juggler’s harlots came asking Asgaroth for a dance as he showed considerable skills in that particular art.

…And that was the first session of what will hopefully become a long and interesting “second life” in the Forgotten Realms…



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