The Morninglord
Greater Power of Elysium, Neutral Good
Portfolio: Spring, dawn, birth, renewal, creativity, youth, vitality, self-perfection, athletics
Domain: Eronia / Morninglory
Symbol: A disk of rosy pink hue

A powerful, exuberant god, Lathander is known as the Commander of Creativity and the Morninglord. When Lathander is depicted, he is most often shown in a form similar to his avatar (1) or as a mist of glowing, rose-colored swirls with two golden eyes at the center. As the god of beginnings, Lathander traditionally receives prayer from many inhabitants of Faerûn at the start of a journey or endeavor. Lathander’s name is invoked to seal alliances start new ventures or companies. As a result, the god is very popular among the merchant classes.

Lathander has a reputation for being sometimes overly enthusiastic, slightly vain, and given to excess, all flaws very common among the young. He is also eternally optimistic and doggedly perseverant.

(1) A golden skinned athletic male of exceeding beauty, wearing noble robes constructed in the colors of the dawn; carries himself proudly, and dresses in the finest gold plate armor.


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